Charleston, South Carolina

The Doctor of Ministry program is exploring with pastors in Charleston, a DMin which will begin in 2012.  We will be using online seminars and also flying faculty in for onsite seminars, with one opportunity to come to Pittsburgh Seminary campus.  I view this as an exciting model for the future for the DMin program of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. 

One of my mantras is managing change-and with that comes both anxiety and possibility.  How to adapt, when to adapt, and how to retain both quality and excellence becomes the challenge-and thus it has always been in my view.  I will be in Charleston March 20-23, 2012, and meeting with pastors to do two things:  listen and listen.  I want to know what themes pastors find most important in an advanced professional degree program; how is it possible to address change, to offer opportunity for pastors to step back and review their work, to engage with new ideas, to discern what grounds their own faith and what grounds their work.

I’d love to hear some ideas from across the nation.  Pastoral ministry remains a vital and necessary part of religious life.  We are to be present in the midst of all this change; to build habits and practices which provide for our own formation and well-being.  Faculty enjoys in the dialogue and work with DMin students.  The opportunity to provide input is now.  I know that the demands of ministry are such that it might seem hard to take time for such an educational commitment.  I want when all is said and done for pastors to feel every moment was worth their time, to bring new energy, and to bring new thinking. 

The photo was taken in Charleston—an extra-ordinary alignment of sailboats.  As we discern our way forward—this photo provides inspiration.


Susan Kendall

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