Congratulations to our 16 Doctor of Ministry Graduates

Congratulations to our 16 Doctor of Ministry Graduates

Sixteen graduates from different concentrations in the program, and from around the nation gathered in Pittsburgh last Friday

Two Richard J.  Rapp awards were given:  Daniel Gordon in the Science and Theology Focus and Christine Gravely in the Parish Leadership Focus

States represented included:  New Jersey, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New York, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, and Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

This is indeed a national program, one which draws from a variety of denominations and ministry settings.  More importantly, these graduates honor a commitment to study so that they may contribute new thinking in their respective ministry settings, and offer leadership at a critical time.

It has been a pleasure to have each of these students in the DMin program.  They have developed new friendships, been challenged by excellent faculty, and mentored one another through the exchange of ideas, reflections, and new insights.   Several of these final papers are worth publishing in some form. 

There will be new opportunity in 2017 to receive inquiries regarding the DMin program as new programs are announced.  The commitment of the seminary is to maintain the highest standards for creating a learning environment, offering the necessary skills for designing a research project, and preparing for a church and for ministries yet to unfold.

Ministry in traditional forms and in new configurations is a worthy, necessary and vitally important vocation.  I challenge those who have listened to that still, small voice to pay attention. And once in ministry to pay attention even more to deepen and strengthen vocational identity voice, skill, self-care and community.  One might at times be tempted to escape to a cave, to become angry when shade trees die leaving only the hot sun.  We are invited in this vocation to take care lest we grow too tired, too frustrated, too lonely, too afraid. 

Susan Kendall, PhD

Director, DMin


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