Ending and Beginnings

Anita Little writes in religiondispaches.org, about digital discipline–#Relent 2016.

A project of Jason Chesnut, Lutheran pastor in Baltimore, Jason offers a model for this moment.

Embrace the digital age and to use another “re” realign.

I love this creative approach which does not lessen faith, and does not allow the negative creep.

Missional Leadership as a DMin concentration at Pittsburgh Seminary is eager for these ideas, desiring practicing pastors and ministers in various settings to think together for a few weeks a year.  The point is to return to your context, having shared ideas, stretched your theological muscles, engaging with faculty steeped in disciplines they love.

As I prepare to move into a new venue of call and work at the end of July, I am hopeful for the ongoing opportunity the DMin offers:  A degree at this seminary of substance, companionship, challenge, and change.

Change while daunting in a world we cannot it seems control our tendency is to hunker down, to dismiss change for the steady state of the gospel story.  This I’ve always thought is counter to the gospel itself.  The underlying faith is the call to belief through practice, a posture to deepen over a lifetime.  The gospel is radical, able to adapt to context.  There would be no church without this adapting and readapting.

A DMin provides space for rethinking the why of it all and an acknowledgment that along with why is a necessary how?  The why does not change—the how does.

Consider a DMin at Pittsburgh.

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