Doctor of Ministry

Missional Leadership

Reformed Theology:  as contemporary narrative

Eastern Christian:  Orthodox in the present

Parish:  Engaging Ministry and Pastoral Leadership:  Eckerd College, Florida


Urban Change

Science and Theology


BEGINS WITH…a decision about daily living habits, practices and ways of thinking and acting, do become vitally important, not as an individualistic response, but as a centered set of actions.  We decide at some point to put it another way if we will grow up and be an adult or if we will simply coast along and continue settled ways, content to spin around and around in a circle in our individual canoes (or kayak) refusing to learn that there might be another opportunity to learn to row in such a way that we stop spinning and head down the river, or out to sea.

That being said, there is no program which provides answers to grow churches, or redevelop them, or bring about change on its own.  Nonetheless, there is a vision I have for learning, for a form of community drawing together those connected by a vocation or calling to forms of ministry.

The concentrations offered at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary:

Missional leadership—if you seek to be immersed in the discipline and practice beyond the four walls, big steeple.  Meeting people where they are, as they are

Reformed theology:  contemporary themes in a changing world, involving travel between Edinburgh, Scotland and Pittsburgh, PA., a shared collaborative effort with Scottish pastors

Urban Change:  addressing the urban realities of the present and future; both in Pittsburgh and more broadly taking into account a global view; travel to London and Pretoria

Science and Theology:  a carefully crafted dialogue between theology, science, and implications for faith, belief and human life

Spirituality:  practice informed by belief.  What do we believe; what accounts the integration of the narrative scripture and the life of prayer in a do-it-yourself view of life?

These are the current offerings of the Doctor of Ministry Program.

Recruiting Now for Reformed Theology, Urban Change, Missional Leadership and Eastern Christian


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