Continuing the path and looking ahead…

The Doctor of Ministry Program will be undergoing a review in the coming months, beginning in February.  My goal is an open-ended review, paying attention to a variety of perspectives and voices of those who have been in the program, those currently in the program and also to talk with potential students as to what they might be seeking in a practice oriented degree like a DMin.

I’ve been director of the Pittsburgh Seminary’s DMin program for nine years, and in that time, we’ve made some changes, and added two specific and well-defined focuses:  Science and Theology and Reformed Christian Spirituality.  At present, the Reformed Focus is accepting applications for 2015, even while the details of a new relationship with Scottish universities are being finalized.  Students will continue to travel to Scotland and we welcome applications.

We will continue all the programs in place and the new cohorts now being formed while this review takes place.

As institutional realities shape new thinking, the primary questions of how to live life; what is faith; who are we to be within the Christian tradition and as those who sense an ongoing call to ministry what form does that calling take?  What, even more importantly, forms us?  And why?

This is not a brand new conundrum, or a brand new set of problems.  All of these issues have surfaced from time to time, and will continue to be issues—call it an information age, a knowledge-based age, the Stone Age—whatever you like.  In many ways, the whole notion of reform remains the primary activity and with it comes a commitment to be willing to change, to be open to change.  To this I would add the necessity of paying attention so that the human tendency to want to micro-manage change, to preserve our own point-of-view through control needs to be “on the table” too.  Even more so perhaps for people of faith, lest our own fears and agendas become the driving force rather than a disciplined, collaborative, both teaching and learning moments.

Look for further information as the review begins!

Susan Kendall

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